From the Desk of Sr. Gabriela; Weekly Reflections

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gospel:  John 1:  35-42

For those who are familiar with the chapel at Holy Angels, you may have wondered at some time, ‘how did we ever have room for the Hispanic community who worshiped there on Sundays’?  It wasn’t easy squeezing anywhere from 50 to 100 at any given time.  In fact, there were occasions when some of us stood in the hallway.

On one such Sunday, a girl whom I had never seen before joined us, squeezing into a back pew with her siblings perhaps ages 2, 5, and 7.  Reverently participating, they seemed to have a sense of where they were.  Because of the crowd, it wasn’t until communion time that I noticed them again.  From the corridor, I could see her waiting in line.  After receiving the Eucharist, she quickly moved to the side aisle and without hesitation, broke the host, feeding her siblings then herself. Her action took me by surprise but also moved me.  I wondered what she was thinking. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an opportunity to speak with her for she slipped out as easily as she appeared.  Most likely the child had no formal preparation for the reception of the Eucharist, but in a way, she did get something right:  who we receive must be shared.

My favorite verses in today’s gospel are when Andrew not only decides to follow Jesus, but tells his brother Simon about him and then takes that step to bring him to the Lord.

Today, let us thank God for all the many people in our personal lives who have ‘brought us to Jesus’ and to reflect on the many ways we likewise do the same for others. Perhaps it’s through intercessory prayer, teaching, a variety

of ministries, or different good works. Many times, it happens as we simply go about our daily lives interacting with all those who cross our paths. And

in all these opportunities, our hope is that we radiate the One we too choose to follow.

Sister Ann Marie Grasso

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