Mission Appeal 2017

On the weekend of September 23-4, Connie Vasquez and I made a mission appeal trip to four towns, Bowie, Henrietta, Nocona, and Montague.  We were welcomed in four churches by lovely people who helped us in every way.   We followed Father Richard Collins who waited patiently for us as we packed the car after each Mass with our posters, flyers, etc.  Then we took off for the next town without satisfying our desire to chat at ease with the wonderful people.

The content of our talk this year was mainly focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo.   There have been serious difficulties there in the past months due to the fact that the leaders of the country put off the elections in order to keep their positions in the government.   This has caused a great deal of upheaval, deaths, desecration of churches and destruction of schools, etc.  The country has fallen into a state of great poverty and unrest.   Our sisters have not been spared.  They are unable to make ends meet on their meager salaries.  We requested help for them and for their important ministries.  Our Masses were made quite joyful by several baptisms of beautiful babies and happy parents.

It was our pleasure to meet so many generous and kind people along our way.  We arrived home very tired but also uplifted and grateful.

Sister Charles Marie Serafino, Sister of St Mary of Namur

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