News from Sr. Yolanda Cruz in Mexico

Dear sisters and friends,
Happy Easter to everyone from Sister Ines, Mercedes, Roberta and me. It has been a very special week and most wonderful celebration of the Holy Triduum.
I am sending A few pictures from our Easter vigil and this morning’s Easter Sunday procession and mass. The community prepared a breakfast for all the missionaries, the five brothers and the four of us. At the end of the mass they gave us a small recognition in gratitude.
This has been a very blessed and grace-filled experience. There are two young women interested in discerning with us!!!!
Ines left this afternoon to go visit her mother. Tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM, Mercedes and Roberta will accompany me on a 4 hour bus ride to Mexico City to the airport. I will check in my luggage and then the 3 of us will take a cab to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe where we will go to mass. Then Mercedes and Roberta will return to Tehuacan and I will go to the airport to wait for my flight.
Looking forward to seeing everyone. Love, hugs, and kisses from all.
S. Yolanda Cruz, SSMN
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