Religious life is a challenging, heart-response to the invitation of Jesus, “Come follow me”. Throughout our life we strive to deepen our personal relationship with Jesus and continue His mission of love and hope to our sisters and brothers with whom we minister. We desire to be a sign of the Gospel, witnessing to the possibility of a world in which boundaries do not keep us from a life of unity and communion.

As religious, we consecrate our lives through the living out of three vows we take:

  • Poverty, through which we try to live simply and pool our resources and talents;
  • Chastity, by developing and living intimacy with our God; and
  • Obedience, through discernment with our leaders, spiritual directors and friends to follow what God is asking of us.

Sister Lola Ulupano pronounced her first vows on August 17, 2013 in her home parish of St. Michael’s in Bedford Texas with the Sisters of St. Mary, her family, friends and the Tongan Community.


On Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017, the Sisters of St. Mary celebrated the Jubilees of Sr. Mary Fulbright (70), Sisters Roberta Hesse, Camella Menotti, and Adelaide Valtierra (65), and Sr. Mary Merdian (60). This is a total of 330 years of service to the community and people in Texas and Africa. Bishop Michael Olson presided at the Jubilee Mass, which was followed by a reception for the friends and relatives of the Sisters. We give the Sisters our congratulations and wish them many more happy years.


Oblates of the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur are single Catholic women who discerned a specific vocation within The Congregation and believe they are called to make The Congregation their primary life commitment. Oblates make simple promises to live in Simplicity, Chastity and Availability. These promises are made for one year, and may be renewed annually for three years or for life (perpetual).

Oblates participate in the charism of SSMN, and may be engaged in works with the Sisters or other ministries, while living independently and maintaining individual financial responsibility. They wear a medallion that is the seal of The Congregation with its motto: “ In simplicity of heart, I have joyfully given all to God.”


Associates of the Sisters of St. Mary are women who have a distinct vocation in The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Mary. Both married and single, actively professional or retired, their simple and joyful hearts resonate with the charism of the Sisters of Saint Mary. They make promises to live The Congregation’s charism by deepening personal and communal prayer, striving to live in the spirit of the gospel and extending that spirit into the service of the people of God. Like the Sisters, they seek to offer their gifts to the people who are most in need. Associates participate with the Sisters in various projects at home, out of city and state, and out of the country.


In October of 2002 Rosemary Hayes asked Sister Anselma why the Sisters of St. Mary did not have an auxiliary. Her response was “no one ever started one.”

By January 1, 2003 a board had been set up with seven people, an assumed certificate and a federal ID number and checking account. Invitations were mailed out to about 200 people. When people learned about the work the Sisters had done to bring about Catholic Education and the Gospel message to others, the donations increased and they have continued to show their support. Even people who were taught by other orders have been supportive because they have felt the love and spirit of Catholic Sisters in their lives. As of today there is a mailing list of 3800 people.

In addition to fresh flowers on the tables at Our Lady of Victory (OLV) Center each week, the auxiliary has also provided computers, furniture for offices, necessary maintenance, aided in travel expenses, hosted receptions for celebrations and been at the service and call of the Sisters.

With gratitude and respect for all that the Sisters of St. Mary have done and the ones before them, we applaud their service to so many.


We honor the lives and the legacies of the Sisters who have gone before us. The Sisters whose selfless work and devotion to our mission created the foundation for who we are today. Read about them here.