Pope Francis Comic Strips, January 2020

Let us pray for people to have a change of heart and stop the VIOLENCE against each other!

Starting with our world LEADERS!

Pray for peace ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

Pray of our World, Country, and Church Leaders.


Pope Francis comic strips for January 2020


January 21, 2020

Francis, the comic strip, by Pat Marrin

Francis, the comic strip: Gabby and Brother Leo weigh in on Harry and Meghan’s decision.


January 16, 2020

Francis, the comic strip, by Pat Marrin

Francis, the comic strip: Brother Leo imagines the sequel to “The Two Popes.”


January 14, 2020

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: After the hand-slapping incident, the pope is working on patience.


January 10, 2020

Pope’s quotes: Problems of life, by NCR Staff

A quote from Pope Francis:

“Praying the rosary does not remove us from the problems of life. On the contrary, it demands that we immerse ourselves in the history of each day, so as to grasp the signs of Christ’s presence in our midst. Whenever we contemplate an event, a mystery of the life of Christ, we are asked to reflect on how God comes into our own lives, so as to be able to welcome Him and follow Him. In this way, we discover how we can follow Christ by serving our brothers and sisters. By accepting and making our own certain outstanding events in the life of Jesus, we share in his work of evangelisation, so that God’s Kingdom can increase and spread in the world. We are disciples, but also missionaries, bringing Christ wherever He asks us to be present. So we cannot keep the gift of His presence within us. On the contrary, we are called to share with everyone His love, His tenderness, His goodness and His mercy. It is the joy of sharing that stops at nothing, for it brings a message of freedom and salvation.”

— Praying of the Rosary for the Marian Jubilee, Oct. 8, 2016


January 9, 2020

Francis, the comic strip: Leo and Gabby go stargazing; in the sky, everyone has a star.


January 7, 2020

What do you do when someone requests “no gifts” for the holidays? Brother Leo has an idea.


January 2, 2020

Francis, the comic strip: Impending Epiphany brings rush orders to Brother Leo’s tailor shop.

Originally published by National Catholic Reporter. Used with permission. NCRonline.org.
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