Volunteers are always welcome to assist the Sisters. Here is a list of the different volunteer positions.

  • Kitchen assistance
  • Gardening, computer assistance
  • Answering door and phone
  • Laundry assistant, ESL
  • Archival assistance

If you would like to volunteer your time and talents, please visit our Contact Page. We welcome your assistance!

Josie volunteers where ever she is needed. Here she is helping in laundry.

Rosemary Hayes is a woman of many talents! In October of 2002, she started the Auxiliary for SSMN; she always works on so many different activities and has so many talents, from providing and arranging flowers for the dining room tables, to getting volunteers to decorate the OLV Center for Christmas and other events. She has many more duties with her family and friends. Rosemary is simply an amazing woman who works tirelessly for the Sisters of Saint Mary!

Fleet assists in the kitchen and makes the meals special for the Sisters.